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MOVE International

Lokrantz School is proud to be involved with  MOVE.  
What is MOVE ?

MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education)® helps children and MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Experience)® helps adults with disabilities:

                          1. Acquire increased independence in sitting, standing and walking,
                          2. Learn and gain more mobility, and
                          3. Experience better health and enhanced personal dignity.

The mission statement of MOVE is founded in the belief that the ability to move is the first foundation stone in building personal dignity. Increased abilities to sit, stand and walk, decreases the burden of care for families and other care providers. These increased abilities also bring new opportunities for fuller participation and involvement in family life and for integration and inclusion in the wider community.


MOVE produces results through hard work, repetition and dedication by trained professionals and families throughout the world. The commitment by these professionals and families means people once relegated to spending life in a bean bag or wheelchair have gained or regained mobility that permits them to interact in life and their community.


MOVE is a reseach-based program shown to improve functional mobility skills and empowers children and adults with severe physical disabilities to better direct their own lives. The MOVE program uses a family/person-centered planning approach to develop mobility programs based on current theory and research in education, psychology, biomechanics, and motor science.


The MOVE Curriculum for Children was developed in the 1980's by D. Linda Bidabe, a special education teacher for the Kern County Superintendent of Schools in Bakersfield, California, to respond to a growing concern that students with severe, multiple and profound disabilities in the public schools were not learning critical mobility skills needed to benefit fully from their educational programs. In fact, many of these students were graduating from school at age 22 with fewer skills than when they entered school at age 3 due to the secondary complications from their motor impairments. 




Since its inception, the MOVE Curriculum has expanded into two programs (The MOVE Curriculum for Children and the MOVE for Adults Program). The MOVE Program serves all age groups from birth to death.
The MOVE Program is currently used in more than 25 countries and the MOVE Curriculum is translated into 13 languages.


Read more about MOVE at:    www.move-international.org